Chapter 3: Funerals, memorials, and other rituals

Should children be included?

I've been there
David talks about including his children in funeral planning.(3:22)Video transcript
I've been there
Omo recalls her son's reaction to the funeral of his friend Stella.(3:22)Video transcript

Even though Daniel is too young to remember the funeral, when he's older I'll be able to tell him he was part of it.  

One moment the kids were crying at the casket, and the next they were running around playing with their cousins.

The vast majority of children benefit from attending funerals and memorials as long as they’re well prepared and emotionally supported by their parents. Participating in the events that follow a death allows them to:

  • Feel included.
  • Celebrate the person who has died.  
  • Grieve together with their family and community.

No child is too young 

With support and preparation, children of all ages can attend these gatherings. While very young children may not remember being there, as they grow older, most will appreciate knowing they were included.