Chapter 3: Funerals, memorials, and other rituals

Taking a break

The expert says
Andrea Warnick, children's grief counsellor, talks about planning ahead in case children need to step away from the event.(3:22)Video transcript
I've been there
Kelly describes her son's reaction to his father's funeral and memorial.(3:22)Video transcript

If Mila tugged her ear, it meant she needed a break from the service and her aunt would take her to another room.

Have a plan in place should your child need a break during the event.

  • Check-in with them from time to time to see how they are.
  • If possible, arrange for an adult they’re comfortable with (such as a babysitter or family friend) to take them to another room if they need a break. 
  • This allows you to stay at the service, knowing your child is supported by someone they trust.