Chapter 1: Recognizing student grief

Common signs of grief in the classroom

What the educator says
Sue Massaad, elementary school principal, talks about how students grief can manifest in the classroom. (3:22)Video transcript
What the parent says
Jenny talks about Mae's ongoing grief for her sister Phoebe. (3:22)Video transcript

“She used to have a sunny disposition but lately I’ve been noticing she gets easily agitated with her classmates and sometimes she becomes emotional over seemingly small things that would never have bothered her before.”  - Teacher

Look for changes in behaviour, performance or personality. You’ll need to observe and consider whether or not this is a new behaviour and how it might be related to a student’s grief. Here are some examples of behaviours and signs you may notice in your classroom.

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Grief will very likely complicate any existing challenges, such as an illness or disability. Also, a student’s response to a new loss will be affected, positively or negatively, by any previous ones.


See also:Supporting Bereaved Students at School (2017). Edited by Jacqueline A. Brown & Shane R. Jimerson. Oxford University Press.