Chapter 3: Teachable moments

Opportunities for teachable moments

What the grief expert says
Lysa Toye, social worker, psychotherapist, talks about opportunities to teach children that everything has a lifetime.(3:22)Video transcript
What the educator says
Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong, ECE instructor, talks about using nature as a teachable moment.(3:22)Video transcript

“I was glad Mr. Kim had talks about dying in class. It helped when my grandfather did die. My parents don’t like to talk about hard things so I think it would have been worse for me”.  - Student

One of the wonderful benefits of being an educator is that these moments provide many opportunities to connect with students. 

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*Wake period - A wake is a period of time (the time varies depending on cultural or community backgrounds) after the death before a service or funeral. In some cultures, it involves family members or close friends staying ‘awake’ through the night with the deceased. Wake practices vary from culture to culture.  

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