Chapter 4: Supporting the student over the long term


What the parent says
Paul, talks about the importance of providing sustained support for a child in the school system.(3:22)Video transcript
Jenny talks about Mae sharing her experience of Phoebe's death through poetry. (3:22)Video transcript
Jenny talks about how the school continued to support Mae and remember Phoebe.(3:22)Video transcript

“I was prepared for the fact that Don was going to have a very difficult time when his brother was killed in the car accident. I wasn’t prepared for the ways in which he reacted. He dropped his old friends and started hanging around with other kids; he started smoking; his grades dropped dramatically; I believe he even started drinking on the weekends. It was like he was trying to shed his old identity from when his brother was still alive”. – Teacher

In the weeks, months, and even years after a death, a student’s grief may resurface. Remember that grief does not end. While it may become less emotionally intense and demanding over time, grief is a life-long experience and a student’s grief may come to the surface at any time.